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Solar Power, Jashandeep Kaur Solar power is the generation of electricity from sunlight... Electrical Engineering
Solar Power This article is about generation of electricity using solar... Electrical Engineering
Computational Fluid Mechanics Malestrom The dramatic improvements in supercomputing power of recent... Electronics & Communication
Fire Code - 2007 The code serves to establish the minimum requirements for... Management & Admin
Production and Transport of Oil and Gas Gathering and Transportation, A.P. Szilas Steel pipes used in transporting oil and gas are either... Production Engineering
Effects of High Intensity Large Scale Free Stream Combustor Turbulence on Heat... The influence of freestream turbulence representative of... Mechanical Engineering
The Malaysian Distribution Code - 2010 This preface is provided to Users and to prospective Users... Electrical Engineering
Kenya Electricity Grid Code – March 2008 This Code may be cited as the Kenya Electricity Grid Code,... Management & Admin
Financing innovation: a study on project financing issues in the wind power sector A large part of the information and data utilized in the... Finance & Accounting
Solar Power We’ve come a long way to gain an understanding of semi-... Electrical Engineering
Advances in Wind Energy The earth’s surface is made up of land and water, which... Electrical Engineering
Role of MEMS and Nanotechnology in Medical Technologies, Ekansh Nayal MEMS stands for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems. It is a... Biomedical Engineering
Bankable Project Report on Mango Farming Mango (Mangifera indica) is the leading fruit crop of India... Agricultural Science
Circular Rotor Windmill The use of renewable energy as an alternate to the... Renewable Energy
Drip Irrigation Installation Guide In regions of the world with harsh climates and limited... Agricultural Science
Louisville Gas & Electric Company, Customer Gas Piping Handbook The Customer Gas Piping Handbook prescribes LG&E’s... Management & Admin
Transformer Handbook The objective of this Transformer Handbook is to facilitate... Electrical Engineering
Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Loss Reduction Strategies The Armenian gas system currently operates with... Management & Admin
Introduction to Gas Insulated Switchgear and Substations, Dr. M. Mohana Rao In Europe (Western) and North America the electricity usage... Electrical Engineering
Cigre - SF6 - 234 This document reviews all significant aspects of the... Electrical Engineering