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ANSYS Aqwa Basics & Theory, Lecture 2 The wave, wind and current directions are defined in Aqwa... Mechanical Engineering
Introduction to Hydrodynamic Analysis with ANSYS Aqwa, Aqwa Fixed Structures and... Mechanical Engineering
From Turbine to Wind Farms - Technical Requirements and Spin-Off Products, Gesche... Capturing wind energy has been widely employed for... Mechanical Engineering
Unconventional Oil & Shale Gas, Amber L.Tuft This book focuses on the growth in U.S. oil and natural gas... Environment & Sustainable
Design Of Foundations For Wind Turbines, Henrik Svensson Today, we build the most land-based wind turbines on strong... Civil Engineering
Correlations of Soil and Rock Properties in Geotechnical Engineering, Jay Ameratunga... Geotechnical engineering has grown rapidly in the past half... Geotechnical Engineering
Theory of Slope Stability - Landslide In the lecture part of this course we will discuss a... Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Site Exploration in the Year 2012 and Beyond,Paul W. Mayne A must prior to all geotechnical projects, Determine... Geotechnical Engineering
Bankable Projects Report on Poultry Layer Farming Poultry egg and meat are important sources of high quality... Agricultural Science
Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme for Biofertilizers and Biopesticides Production... In view of the increasing and indiscriminate use of... Agricultural Science
Typical Weight of 66kV D/C Tower for ASCR Zebra Conductor (KKR Design) Typical weights of high voltage (HV / EHV) power... Electrical Engineering
TNEB, Manual on Pre-Commissioning and Periodical Testing of Electrical Installations The need for a comprehensive manual on Substation... Management & Admin
Minnesota State Building Code - 2007 The Minnesota State Building Code, known also as the "... Management & Admin
Wind Turbine Health Impact Study Identify and characterize attributes of concern (e.g.,... Health care & Medicine
Yaw Dynaminc of Horizental Axis Wind Turbine, A.C. Hansen This section is an introduction to the causes of wind... Renewable Energy
Hydrodynamics of a Rotating Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas, Bason Eric Clancy Strongly interacting Fermi gases are unique quantum fuids... Environmental Engineering
Urban Wind Energy, Sinisa Stankovic, Neil Campbell and Alan Harries Wind energy generation is growing rapidly worldwide and... Renewable Energy
Franchising Code of Conduct, Compliance Manual This compliance manual outlines the rights and obligations... Management & Admin
lnternational Ship and Port Facility Securiry Code (ISPS Code) - 2003 The International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (... Management & Admin
Ventura County Building Code - 2007 The Ventura County Building Code contained herein is... Management & Admin


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