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Document Title Description Category
Frequency Response from Wind Turbines, Ian Moore The report includes a review of the basic functioning of... Electrical Engineering
On The Nature Of The Flow In A Separated Annular Diffuser, Jason J. Dunn The combustor-diffuser system remains one of the most... Mechanical Engineering
Adolecence Biomedical Treatment, Jeff Bradstreet Guiding the Biomedical Recovery Efforts: Investigate Each... Biomedical Engineering
Financing Structures for Natural Gas Pipelines This study highlighted that various factors enhance project... Finance & Accounting
Building Code and Standards This project is concerned with all electrical services... Computer Science & IT
Elementary Fluid Mechanics, Tsutomu Kambe This book aims to provide an elementary interpretation on... Mechanical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering Technical Book, C. Venkatramaiah The term ‘Soil’ has different meanings in different... Civil Engineering
Computer-Aided Power System Analysis, Ramasamy Natarajan Power engineering is the oldest and most traditional of the... Electrical Engineering
Electronics, Graham Knott Circuit Symbols, PCB designer, Logic Gate simulator, Z80... Electronics & Communication
Design Aids for Euro Code 2 The German, UK and Netherlands Concrete Societies are... Civil Engineering
Design of 400/220kV Sub-station, S.M. Mujumdar Imp. considerations in substation design, Safety of... Civil Engineering
Solar Pumping Systems No Fuel cost uses abundantly available free sun light. No... Environment & Sustainable
Windpower Workshop, Building Your Own Wind Turbine, Hugh Piggott Wind power is one of those multi-faceted subjects which... Mechanical Engineering
Energy - The Production and Use of Natural Gas The main ingredient in natural gas is methane, a gas (or... Production Engineering
Abu Dhabi Fire Protection Code The density of the plots, the increasing height of... Architecture & Planning
Nanotechnology in Bio-Medical Applications Nanotechnology is the creation of USEFUL/FUNCTIONAL... Biomedical Engineering
Technical Handbook on Pressurized Irrigation Techniques, A. Phicaides The application of improved irrigation methods and... Agricultural Science
Report on Oil and Gas Industry of Pakistan, Muhammad Danish Oil was formed from the remains of animals and plants that... Production Engineering
Design Guide for Highway Noise Barriers, Richard E. Klingner, Michael T. McNerney,... The current TxDOT design process for highway noise barriers... Architecture & Planning
Computer Networks A communication service enables the exchange of information... Computer Science & IT