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Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Loss Reduction Strategies The Armenian gas system currently operates with... Management & Admin
Introduction to Gas Insulated Switchgear and Substations, Dr. M. Mohana Rao In Europe (Western) and North America the electricity usage... Electrical Engineering
Cigre - SF6 - 234 This document reviews all significant aspects of the... Electrical Engineering
New York’s Offshore Wind Energy Development Potential in the Great Lakes,... This feasibility study was prepared by AWS Truewind on... Finance & Accounting
Solar Steam Pump, N. T. Jeffries Low-power vapour engines have always presented problems to... Mechanical Engineering
Substation Automation The systems used to monitor & control power systems and... Computer Science & IT
Stub Setting After the location marking has been done, the marking of... Civil Engineering
Strength of Materials, Gustavo Mendes and Bruno Lago The strength of a material refers to the material's... Material Science
Benchmarking BEST Practices in Maintneance Management, Terry Wireman Maintenance is a unique business process. It requires an... Management & Admin
Modeling The Dynamics Of A Spar-Type Floating Offshore Wind Turbine, Laurens B.... Offshore wind power in general is still in its infancy;... Mechanical Engineering
Main Turbine The high pressure turbine for ahead drive only is a single... Mechanical Engineering
Indian Wind Energy - Outlook - 2011 Wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy sector... Renewable Energy
Applied Soil Mechanics: with ABAQUS Applications, Sam Helwany The purpose of this book is to provide civil engineering... Civil Engineering
Harmonizing Code of Corporate Governance with other Laws/Regulations The report highlights that the Code breaks new ground in... Management & Admin
Diesel Generator Sizing The purpose of this document is to illustrate the Diesel... Mechanical Engineering
National Building Code of the Philippines The provisions of this Code shall apply to the design,... Management & Admin
A Textbook of Engineering Mechanics, R.K. Bansal Engineering mechanics is that branch of science that deals... Mechanical Engineering
National Building Code of Kiribati The basic objective of the Code is to ensure that the... Management & Admin
Building Code of Pakistan Pakistan Building Code was first published in 1986 by... Management & Admin
California Vehicle Code - 2011 The provisions of this code, insofar as they are... Management & Admin