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Charged Water GasElectrolyzers, Moray B. King Pulsing electrolyzers make charge water gas clusters. They... Mechanical Engineering
Fall River Wastewater Treatment Facility Wind Turbine Project Feasibility Study This study analyzes the feasibility of installing one wind... Finance & Accounting
Solar Power Feasibility Study Sustainable Eastside, Faber Maunsell The aim of this report is to outline the current ‘state of... Electrical Engineering
Water Pumping, The Solar Alternative, Michael G. Thomas This report was prepared to provide an introduction into... Electrical Engineering
MIT Study on the Future of Natural Gas The Future of Natural Gas is the third in a series of MIT... Production Engineering
Sustainable Community Development Code The sustainable community development code framework is... Management & Admin
Los Angeles Municipal (Fire) Code It is the purpose of this article to prescribe laws for the... Management & Admin
Uniform Plumbing Code - 2000 The advantages of a uniform plumbing code adopted by... Management & Admin
Accessibility Code - 2007, Singapore The implementation of the Code on Barrier-Free... Architecture & Planning
The Grid Code The Grid Code is designed to permit the development,... Electrical Engineering
Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System This Decision contains the Commission’s rationale in... Electrical Engineering
Fundamentals of Compressible Fluid Mechanics, Genick Bar–Meir Gas Dynamic Calculator, (Potto–GDC) was created to generate... Mechanical Engineering
Drip Irrigation System, Albert Jarett Drip Irrigation is an alternate on - lot disposal system.... Agricultural Science
Bucket Drip Irrigation Water into bucket and drips out of the drip lines onto the... Agricultural Science
Trilateral Design and Test Code for Military Bridging and Gap Crossing Equipment Bridging and gap-crossing equipment will be designed to... Civil Engineering
Electrical Equipment Code, This electrical equipment code sets out the requirements... Electrical Engineering
Report on Natural Gas, Gauravi Gupta Gas is moving closer to being a global industry. The... Management & Admin
Intermediate Vibration Analysis Knowing the physical specifications of the machine provides... Mechanical Engineering
Health and Safety Executive OffshoreTechnology Report, H M Bolt, C J Billington and... This report draws together the results from published... Health care & Medicine
Applying Semantic Wiki Technology to Corporate Metadata Management, Mark Takeshi... This thesis employs the Design Research paradigm as a... Management & Admin