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Wind Energy by 2030 Energy prices, supply uncertainties, and environmental... Electrical Engineering
Water Wave Mechanics for Engineers and Scientists, Robert G. Dean and Robert A.... The initial substantive interest in and contributions to... Mechanical Engineering
Introduction to Land Surveying Surveying is a method of determining the three-dimensional... Civil Engineering
Solar Energy Solar energy is the utilization of the radiant energy from... Electrical Engineering
Wind Power and Wind Turbines Wind energy is created when the atmosphere is heated... Mechanical Engineering
Photovoltaic Power Systems and The National Electrical Code, John Wiles This guide provides information on how the National... Electrical Engineering
Drip Irrigation Drip irrigation, also known as "trickle"... Agricultural Science
Materials for Biomedical Applications Some of the most promising areas in medical research,... Biomedical Engineering
Wood Gas As Engine Fuel - 1 Wood gasifiers played an important role in the past in the... Mechanical Engineering
NASA Systems Engineering Handbook The main purposes of the NASA Systems Engineering Handbook... Management & Admin
Manual Mstower MStower is a software package for the analysis and design... Computer Science & IT
Handbook for Civil Aviation Medical Examiners The history of medical standards in civil aviation dates... Health care & Medicine
The Configuration Space Method for Kinematic Design of Mechanisms, Elisha Sacks and... This book is intended for students, researchers, and... Computer Science & IT
Wind Turbine Blockset in Matlab/Simulink, Florin Iov, Anca Daniela Hansen, Poul... This report presents a new developed Matlab/Simulink... Mechanical Engineering
Wind Energy Siting Handbook This Wind Energy Siting Handbook (the "Handbook... Mechanical Engineering
Transmission Lines, Volume-4, Tower Erection The structures of overhead transmission lines, comprising... Civil Engineering
Small Buildings, Administration Of The Code The provisions in this code shall apply to the construction... Civil Engineering
Technical Specification, Switchyard - NTPC This specification intends to cover the following... Mechanical Engineering
New Scientist Magazine - 12-Dec-09 Extreme Oil, How we’ll squeeze out every last drop. Architecture & Planning
Draft Strategic Plan for State Forest Management State Forests will be managed in a sustainable manner by... Management & Admin