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Wind Energy, Jose Ignacio Llorente Integrated LSS Shaft and Gearbox: LSS supporting 1st stage... Renewable Energy
The Health and Social Care Act 2008 Good infection prevention and control are essential to... Health care & Medicine
Earthmat Design Calculation The Earthing Design Calculation is done as per the... Geotechnical Engineering
Code of Practice for Railway Protection The information contained herein is to be used only as a... Management & Admin
Reservoir Engineering Any thing which can contain any type of reserve in it, is... Production Engineering
Model Bankable Projects The Indian dairy industry is contributing significantly to... Management & Admin
Status Codes and Messages This manual describes the status codes and messages you may... Computer Science & IT
The Malaysian Distribution Code The purpose of the preface is to provide brief background... Management & Admin
Design and Analysis Self Supporting Tower 36 Meter, A Report Dead Load is the dead weight of tower structure and all... Civil Engineering
Energy from Gas Hydrates Assessing the Opportunities and Challenges for Canada Gas hydrates form when water and natural gas combine at low... Environment & Sustainable
Design of Pile Foundations in Liquefiable Soils Pile foundations are widely used both onshore and offshore... Geotechnical Engineering
Turbine Design and Application, Arthur J. Glassman NASA has an interest in turbines related primarily to... Civil Engineering
Soil Liquefaction, Mike Jefferies & Ken Been Soil liquefaction is a phenomenon in which soil loses much... Geotechnical Engineering
Irrigation Practices in Ethiopia: Characteristics of Selected Irrigation Schemes,... The overall project focuses on understanding the crucial... Agricultural Science
Utility Scale Solar Power Plants, A Guide The applications of solar PV power systems can be split... Finance & Accounting
Latticed Tower, Structural Investigation Desing Report For the structural Investigation, analysis and design of... Civil Engineering
Sabah and Labuan Grid Code The Grid Code contains procedures to permit the equitable... Management & Admin
Solar Pumping In Punjab Mature Solar Pump Market. Financially Beneficial – High... Renewable Energy
Report on Large Turbine Generator Maintainence Practices - CIGRE - 2 Preventive maintenance of generators is an important... Mechanical Engineering
Designing Dendrimers for use in Biomedical Applications, Hinrike Malda Dendrimers are highly branched, monodisperse molecules... Biomedical Engineering