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Document Title Description Category
Wind Power Variability in the Grid, Joaquín Mur Amada The installed capacity for wind power is increasing... Renewable Energy
Computer Networks, V.S. Bagad and I.S. Dhotre It covers types of networks, topologies, LAN, WAN, MAN,... Computer Science & IT
Generator Sizing, Julian Wiatr Prior to designing a power supply system for a building or... Electrical Engineering
Analysis of Existing 70.90m Self-Support Non Standard Tower The general scope of this report includes, but not limited... Electronics & Communication
Technical and Economical Analysis of Future Perspectives of Solar Thermal Power... One of the renewable source of energy which can... Finance & Accounting
Metallurgical Engineering Department Handbook Standardization in the field of metallurgy and... Metallurgical Engineering
Soil Mechanics, Lab Manual, Michael E. Kalinski Soil can exist as a naturally occurring material in its... Environmental Engineering
Highway Drainage The discharge capacity of gutters depends on their shape,... Civil Engineering
Central Electricity Authority, Safety Regulations - 2010 These regulations may be called the Central Electricity... Management & Admin
A Guide to Assessing Needs, Ryan Watkins, Maurya West Meiers and Yusra Laila Visser The book is intended to be a user’s guide, leading you from... Management & Admin
Mild Steel Angles, Channels, Beams, T-Bars, Flats The success of our company can be attributed to our ability... Production Engineering
Code Lyoko: Generation: Book 1, The Rise of Anax Jeremy walked down the hall to his dorm. It was late, and... Art & Culture
Seismic Building Code Review - Chapter D2 The purpose of this manual is to provide design... Geotechnical Engineering
Wind Turbine Health Impact Study Identify and characterize attributes of concern (e.g.,... Health care & Medicine
Code Generation in Action, Jack Herrington Code generation is the technique of building and using... Computer Science & IT
Engineering Sizing Diesel Geneators Emergency diesel engine generators shall provide sufficient... Mechanical Engineering
Yaw Dynaminc of Horizental Axis Wind Turbine, A.C. Hansen This section is an introduction to the causes of wind... Renewable Energy
Hydrodynamics of a Rotating Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas, Bason Eric Clancy Strongly interacting Fermi gases are unique quantum fuids... Environmental Engineering
Main Unit Generator Sizing The calculation describes the gas turbine generator sizing... Mechanical Engineering
Urban Wind Energy, Sinisa Stankovic, Neil Campbell and Alan Harries Wind energy generation is growing rapidly worldwide and... Renewable Energy