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Code for Sustainable Homes, Technical guide The Code for Sustainable Homes provides a comprehensive... Environment & Sustainable
Solar Power, WAAREE Modern state-of-the-art manufacturing automatic production... Renewable Energy
Thermodynamic Propertoes, Property Relationship and Processes This is followed by a treatment of ideal-gas properties... Material Science
Geostatistics for Petroleum Reservoirs This course is designed to (1) provide a web-based training... Production Engineering
Flue Gas Analysis in Industry This handbook is a valuable reference work for the... Material Science
Turbines and Governers This Clause specifies only the principal plant to be... Electrical Engineering
Handbook of Terminology, Silvia Pavel and Diane Nolet The first meaning of the word terminology is “the set of... Management & Admin
Psychiatry Residents Handbook The residency educational program of the Department of... Management & Admin
Project Report on Hydro Power Plant Hydroelectricity is the term referring to electricity... Mechanical Engineering
Manual on Transformers (Oil Immersed), G.N. Mathur and R.S. Chadha The transformer and accessories shall be designed to... Electrical Engineering
Solar Power Satellite - NASA Direct engineering application of the solar energy... Renewable Energy
Surface Irrigation Surface irrigation is the oldest and most common method of... Agricultural Science
Design of Offshore Wind Turbine Structures This offshore standard provides principles, technical... Renewable Energy
Good Laboratory Practices - Handbook This Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Handbook is designed to... Environment & Sustainable
Highway Bridge Seismic Design, Ian M. Friedland The program included both analytical and experimental... Civil Engineering
Catalogue of International Standards Used in The Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries The oil & gas exploration & production industry... Management & Admin
Nigeria National Building Code The seven professions of the Building Industry and their... Management & Admin
Fuel Gas from Cowdung, B.R. Saubolle and A. Bachmann People living in remote areas of South-East Asia, or other... Environmental Engineering
Physical Activity Evaluation Handbook Physical activity programs must be evaluated to reflect on... Health care & Medicine
Biomedical If Jack misses many classes through illness, then he fails... Biomedical Engineering


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