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Document Title Description Category
Slope Stability Analysis and Stabilization, Y.M. Cheng and C.K. Lau The motive for writing this book is to address a number of... Civil Engineering
Optimal Gear Design, Veniamin I. Goldfarb, Alexander L. Kapelevich, and Alexander A... The theory and practice of gear design is rich with... Mechanical Engineering
Highway Traffic Act - Legislation An emergency response vehicle, other than an ambulance as... Management & Admin
Operation Manual of Steam Turbine :Part 1 This turbine is sub-critical, once-middle reheat, single-... Management & Admin
Protection and Switchgear, U.A. Bakshi and M.V. Bakshi Protective relaying is one of the several features of Power... Mechanical Engineering
Project report on Quasi Turbine, Ashish Joshi The concept of a quasi turbine engine was introduced by... Mechanical Engineering
The Grid Code The Grid Code is designed to permit the development,... Electrical Engineering
Wind Turbine Design And Implementation This project examined the design of a land‐based wind... Civil Engineering
Green Buildings Standards Code - 2010 This document is the 11th of 12 parts of the official... Management & Admin
Referenced Standards Code - 2010 This document is Part 12 of 12 parts of the official... Management & Admin
Golden Rules for a Golden Age of Gas Natural gas is poised to enter a golden age, but this... Environment & Sustainable
Machines and Mechanisms, David H. Myszka The objective of this book is to provide the techniques... Mechanical Engineering
Highway Surveying Manual The purpose of this chapter is to provide information... Civil Engineering
Railway Curves - Book Curves from an indispensable component of railway alignment... Civil Engineering
Electronic Circuit Analysis, K. Lal Kishore Electronic Circuit Analysis is an important component of... Electronics & Communication
Uniform Probate Code The long title of the Code should be adapted to the... Management & Admin
Steam Turbine, Erection Manual The Erection Manual for 500 MW Steam Turbine (KWU design)... Mechanical Engineering
Specifications for 420 kV Class Power Transformers This section covers technical requirements/parameters for... Metallurgical Engineering
Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand - Grid Code - 1994 The full benefits of interconnect ion of individual Power... Management & Admin
Railway Technical There are many parts of the railway business which are... Management & Admin